Personal Training – Harrogate

I have recently moved to Harrogate and will be offering personal training to clients from Q4 2021.

Your Home

Home training can work very well, particularly if you have a home gym or a dedicated space away from distractions. Whilst I believe there are substantial benefits to getting out of the house when working out, I also know there are circumstances where training at home may be the best option.

I can do home visits for clients within the Duchy area of Harrogate dependent on gym, floor or garden space available, my schedule, travel time and Covid restrictions. Please contact me to discuss this.

My Garden

If you prefer to get out of the house, my garden overlooking the Oakdale Woods and golf course is an ideal space to immerse yourself in your workout away from the hustle and bustle.

The Valley Gardens

The Valley Gardens

The beautiful Valley Gardens offers a delightful open space and covered areas for all weather training.


I offer online sessions during times when you might be on a very tight schedule, away on business or in lockdown. Ideally, I like to work with clients in person for a few sessions first to fully asses biomechanics and technique but if you are not in the Harrogate area and are keen to discuss remote sessions, please contact me.


All equipment and mats are sanitised with anti-viral disinfectant between each client and again every evening with hot water and disinfectant. Hand sanitiser is available in addition to wash room facilities with anti-viral soap at my garden. Whilst my default position is not to wear a mask outdoors, I am also very happy to do so.