“Louise combines immense expertise with immense empathy for what you really need to improve your fitness and wellbeing, pushing you hard to achieve a sustainable not an impossible level.”

Lord Peter Hain

“I’d been doing CrossFit for about a year but had to quit because I’d hurt my lower back. I’d tried various different avenues to fix it but couldn’t find a solution. In our first sessions, Lou ran a diagnostic of my movement and posture and identified key areas I needed to work on. She built a programme for my specific needs whilst also making sure I got the tough sweaty workouts that I crave. I’ve developed a greater awareness of my body, I’m working out smarter and harder now as a result. This is next level personal training.”


“She works me really hard but we have a laugh which makes the process really enjoyable. I used to feel very self-conscious, particularly in the gym but I’ve gained confidence and for the first time in ages I don’t hate my body.”


“I’ve tried so many diets and fitness regimes but nothing has ever really worked. I’ve always gained the weight back and more and I was so tired of either being “on a diet” or “off a diet”, it became the main focus of my life which was really boring for my husband and massively effected my social life. Lou has sneakily made me enjoy the process of getting fitter and stronger and taken “dieting” off the table. I can’t describe how good and different my body feels, it’s become addictive and now I choose to fuel my body well to sustain this amazing feeling rather than dieting. I’m far more focussed on how my body performs than how it looks but I’ve dropped 3 dress sizes. It’s a really positive experience. I’m hooked.”


“I’d given up on the gym, having tried several personal trainers who didn’t live up to expectations. Lou was recommended to me by a friend and I’m so glad I decided to give training another try. She has really understood my objectives and frustrations with previous trainers and designs workouts that I actually enjoy. I look forward to my workouts and our chats, I leave feeling so much better than when I walked in.”