Personal Training Specialisms

I specialise in training busy professionals, mums, women going through the menopause and older adults.

Whatever your goal from generally getting fit and toned, running a 5k, improving your tennis serve, weight loss or a body transformation, building strength, returning to exercise after injury, managing stress and burnout, improving posture, managing the menopause or setting your body up well for longevity. My sessions are designed to get you moving better, building strength, power, mobility and agility, burning fat and building confidence.

I combine elite, bespoke programming and movement biomechanics expertise with strength and conditioning training. I’ll push you to achieve more than perhaps, you thought possible. All in a fun, enjoyable and sustainable way that fits into your busy life. And ultimately, all designed specifically for you, your body and your goals.

Strength Training

Resistance training is the linchpin of my sessions and my passion. Working with varying types of resistance, you’ll obviously develop greater strength which, on the most basic level, is crucial for making it easier to do everyday activities. It also helps develop better body biomechanics, increases your resting metabolic rate, boosts your energy and mood and it helps to increase bone density and prevents muscular decline. Unfortunately, after about the age of 30 we start losing 3-5 % of muscle mass each year if we don’t actively use it.

I’ll coach you through technique and form, helping you to gain confidence using and progressing with free weights, bodyweight and “functional fitness” tools to develop greater strength and power.

Metabolic Conditioning

This is a broad umbrella term for workouts that get your metabolism revving and working more efficiently such as HIIT (high intensity interval training), circuit weight training or compound exercises. Whatever your workout preferences, level and experience, we’ll most likely use some element of metabolic conditioning in your sessions, depending on your goals.

Biomechanics and Movement

I’ll assess your movement and gait patterns so that, where necessary, we work to optimise your movement, range and control to avoid potential injury and to avoid compounding any existing counter productive movement patterns. This may involve hands on mobilisation work to restore joint mobility in the ankle, knee, hip and thoracic region plus highly specific programming to ensure we are ironing out any potential dysfunction and getting you moving well and freely. So, ultimately, nothing is holding you back from achieving your goals and feeling your best.

Sports Conditioning (Tennis Specialist)

Whatever your sport from Muay Thai to golf, I’ll fully research and break down the specific movement patterns involved, combined with the analysis of your own movement patterns (as above), to devise a progressive programme to enhance your performance by building speed, power, strength, range, control, coordination and reaction speeds to ensure you are top of your game.

Tennis is a particular specialism, I work with many tennis players, on and off the court, to improve their game.

Olympic Weightlifting

Have you ever wanted to try the clean, snatch and jerk? Olympic lifts are a dynamic full body workout, incorporating explosive power and strength. Once you’ve mastered the mechanics of the deadlift and the squat, I’ll coach you through the movements and proper form so you’ll gain the confidence to gradually increase the weight and start setting and smashing some PBs.

Active Ageing

Age shouldn’t be a barrier to getting fitter and feeling fantastic. Whether you are planning well ahead for longevity, just starting or getting back into exercise in retirement or you are a veteran athlete, I understand the challenges and changes that come with ageing and how to train your body to be its best at any age.